Silver Lining is excited to announce our collaboration with Meeteor, a company that combines technology and behavior change to launch mission-driven organizations toward meaningful change.

Unproductive meetings are one of the most shocking forms of waste in the workplace today. Research shows that leaders waste almost 8 hours a week in unproductive meetings and ⅓ of all meetings are considered a waste of time. When growing your organization, you cannot afford the loss in productivity and engagement that comes with wasteful meetings!

In this three-week SLAPschool webinar series, Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founder and CEO of Meeteor, shares practical strategies to improve your meeting and team collaboration practices.

You’ll learn:

● why effective meeting practices are crucial to your organization’s success.

● hands-on practices for running meetings that get results.

● strategies for meeting leaders who are juggling multiple roles in meetings.

This webinar series is designed for leaders and professionals who want to run better meetings, improve team collaboration and grow professional skills.

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An estimated $37 billion dollars per year in the U.S. is wasted on unproductive meetings. Besides financial costs, poorly-run meetings harm employee engagement and organizational culture and performance. On the flip side, improving meeting effectiveness can be one of the biggest and most accessible opportunities for organizations to drive productivity, build healthy cultures, and achieve greater results.

In this webinar, Meeteor Founder and CEO, Mamie Kanfer Stewart, shares how effective meeting practices can support your organization’s success and provides actionable strategies to implement at your workplace.

  Meetings don’t need to be the time-wasting,                  anxiety-provoking, resentment-inducing                          experiences many have come to expect. Well-              designed meetings can actually support your                team in making decisions, building relationships,        and moving work forward.

In this webinar, Meeteor Founder and CEO, Mamie Kanfer Stewart, shares everything you need to know to prepare for a meeting that achieves results. You’ll learn how to use technology to make meeting planning more pleasant and effective.

As a team leader, you may be playing multiple roles in meetings - facilitating, taking notes and keeping the conversation on track. Each task in itself requires a certain level of concentration, and taking on more than one can be challenging (if not exhausting).

In this webinar, Meeteor Founder and CEO, Mamie Kanfer Stewart, shares strategies to navigate the complexity of running a successful meeting.

Webinar Facilitator: Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founder and CEO of Meeteor, began Meeteor to help others optimize their time and cultivate their teams to achieve results. She has led meeting effectiveness workshops for nonprofit leaders at OpCon, for aspiring creatives at the Weapon of Mass Creation Conference and for numerous public and private organizations. Mamie has been featured in Forbes,, PC Magazine and Business Collective, and was a keynote speaker at Lean Startup Week 2016. To learn more about Mamie visit

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About Meeteor

Meeteor helps you develop the collaboration skills to make meaningful change–in how you work and what you accomplish. Meeteor’s software and programs build your capabilities for effective collaboration and productive meetings, so you save time, reduce stress, and increase your workplace satisfaction–ultimately creating a stronger, healthier organizational culture that achieves greater impact.

Since 2013, thousands of people around the world have used Meeteor to improve team collaboration and take back their time from unproductive meetings.

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